Sustainability 360°

—LaTermoplastic F.B.M. ECOSYSTEM

—Green collection with natural and regenerated raw materials

La Termoplastic F.B.M. makes a conscious effort to promote the environmental aspects of our activity, while at the same time increasing the wellbeing of those cooking with our products. We want to reach the heart of people who care about the environmental aspect of the product the buy. For these people, we offer new and exciting ideas to cook with, and products that are planet-friendly for a new wellbeing in the kitchen. In the pursuit of innovation and excellence, F.B.M. releases a new line of cookware accessories which reduce resources and emissions through the employment of recovered material and also lower the use and consumption of artificial chemicals, replaced by natural materials from sustainable and verified sources. F.B.M. ECOSYSTEM has been verified by leading inspection and verification company SGS and it is available with a wide range of handles, side-handles and knobs all in total black look and in LookAtMe dye-free version that comes with an unusual natural colors.