—ExportDesign Export Design: panels for covering walls and ceilings

—Renew your store, with style and care for the environment

MSD panels for decorative cladding of interior and exterior walls and ceilings are a combination of thermosetting resin laminate, mineral fillers and fiberglass with a polyurethane core and a paper layer, with a variety of shapes and designs inspired by nature. 3D surfaces, durable, elegant and realistic finishes with a wood, brick, stone and concrete effect, meet any architectural and commercial design need. All solutions are designed to give style and character to spaces. Their lightness and versatility, allows you to renovate any room in a short time and without excessive costs. The materials used meet the B-S2 B0 fire protection standards, which are valid for installation in public places. Non-toxic, chemically inert, resistant to acids, salt water and industrial gases, MSD panels do not rot or disintegrate. European production by an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company.