Sustainability 360°


—Reducing the consumption of non-recyclable packaging is possible ...Since it can be done, why not do it?

We are all aware of the environmental impact of plastic on our planet, our careful research of a special means to achieve this goal brought us to an highly recyclable and durable material with an excellent formability, G-PET, allowing us to thermoform any-type of packaging. Our project involves the creation of a completely green packaging line, with the esclusive use of paper and G-PET. In the stationery industry, and not only, attention is often focused only on the material of the article itself, completely bypassing the one thing to be disposed right after the purchase, the packaging. We are trying to raise awareness, inspiring our customers to choose items packed with ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY materials. Gesco Trading is also looking for collaborations with large companies with the common goal of drastically reducing the consumption of non-recyclable plastic in all product sectors.