—Bartoli Naturanda Eco-Hangers in RePROJECT® fibreboard Special Mention

—Ecodesign revolutionizes the hanger, taking into account the entire life cycle of the product: raw materials, production process, durable use and new post-consumer life

Eco-Revolutionary because:

  • Produced from renewable sources, at least 75% from certified post consumer paper and 25% from certified virgin paper (Fsc®)
  • Durable and Super resistant (withstands up to 10 Kg of weight)
  • Zero waste: at the end life you can throw it in the paper to make new paper (Aticelca Certificate card (class A),
  • Thanks to the Bartoli spa solar park, the Co2 emitted for the production of the RePROJECT® cardboard, the
    material with which the appendix is made, is compensated. Naturanda is a partner of Treedom.