Sustainability 360°

—Stratifico DIMORANDI

—A local and sustainable tribute to an Italian master and to a sober and sedentary lifestyle

The vases of the Dimorandi line are a tribute to Giorgio Morandi’s painting and to a his sober and sedentary lifestyle, like that of the Bolognese master. 100% local project: designed, produced and distributed by a supply chain of companies and professionals in the province of Lucca with an innovative recycled material produced at zero km, PoliAlu, deriving from the recycling of polylaminate packaging from Tuscan waste “door-to-door” collection. A new, resistant and aesthetically pleasing material, from the collaboration we have with the only paper mill in Italy able to recycle the tetrapack, reuse the cellulose for paper products and regranulate the plastic and aluminum part directly in the same factory in the province of Lucca. Furthermore, the production technique that we use, large format 3D printing, is energy-efficient, require no molds and does not generate production waste. Because only with local solutions can we respond to global problems. Think Local, think sustainable.