Sustainability 360°

—Taitù Dieta Mediterranea Collection

—The irresistible Italian Luxury Lifestyle becomes Design.

Thanks to the UNESCO World Heritage Award and to the values of nature, food culture and conviviality, the Mediterranean Diet is synonymous with Italian Lifestyle all over the world. It has been transposed by TAITÙ into a new dimension: the design. Italian style, naturalness, authenticity. Composed of 3 different sub-Collections (Vegetables, Fruits and Fish), the new Dieta Mediterranea Collection is inspired by the food pyramid elements. The unmistakable “rusticated” effect of the porcelain takes up the simplicity of nature. TAITÙ’s Dieta Mediterranea Collection stands for a healthy, natural and sustainable lifestyle. The decorations are inspired by valuable foods that help strengthen our immune system and have a low environmental impact. High-quality porcelain is a durable material, and the complex tecnique of the in glaze decorum not only inhibits the release of substances potentially harmful to health, but also guarantees the maximum durability of the decorations over time.