Sustainability 360°


—The marble sand, recovered during the extraction of large blocks, becomes material paint for an eco-friendly custom-made game, in which you choose the drawings to color.

The Sabbiarelli Box is a sand-painting kit that every family can customize based on the age of the children. It contains 3 Albums with drawings printed on adhesive paper, 12 glittering sand pens and 2 game stations, all in a rigid cardboard box that can be reused in different ways. The Sabbiarelli Box is an eco-friendly game for many reasons. Marble sand is recycled material, which is inserted into special pens with a dosing tip, to prevent waste. The sand that does not stick to the drawings can be recovered and inserted again in the pens, thus making children aware of minimizing waste even when they are playing. All the cardboard materials contained in the Box and the Box itself are FSC® certified, which means that they are products deriving from environmentally friendly forest management. All elements of the BOX are 100% Made in Italy, chosen from local suppliers to reduce the impact on transport.