—Maino Carlo Cookut

—To change the world, cook!

COOKUT’s mission is to promote a joyful daily life with a low environmental impact for as many people as possible. This ambitious target implies in particular a drastic decline in the production of plastic and waste and an end to the obsolescence of products. Every day, we try our best to achieve this, transparently and without taking ourselves seriously. The COOKUT project is very different than a traditional business. Without financial investors, our mission is to participate in the creation of a new, more humane and environmentally friendly world. Cooking at home means saying no to the excesses of the food industry by choosing healthy, natural and seasonal ingredients from sustainable agriculture. Cooking is truly significant for health, society and the planet. Currently, we are continually invited by manufacturers to always consume new versions of increasingly complex and less repairable products. Contrary to this trend, COOKUT designs simple and reliable products, without electronics. COOKUT finances actions to protect endangered wild and plant species.