—Maino Carlo Cook expert Magimix

—Built better last longer.

Magimix invented the food processor 50 years ago in Burgundy. Always at the forefront of innovation in the kitchen, Magimix offers small kitchen appliances for the pleasure of cooking like a great chef. The products are Made in France allowing to maintain an industrial savoir-faire among the local population. Since its creation, Magimix is an ecologically responsible company that manufactures products that are easy to use, but efficient and sustainable with particular attention to the quality of the components and raw materials used at the same time. Magimix guarantees a duration of its products of 30 years in order to counter the programmatic obsolescence of small appliances. Consistent with its production policy, Magimix also undertakes to make spare parts available for at least 30 years to allow for a long repairability of its products in order to reduce industrial waste and their disposal.