Sustainability 360°


—“details are what make a perfume great”

All eccellenza products are hand-crafted in Italy with great attention to detail by using only the finest materials and ingredients. The highest point in Oniusa’s research for quality, where all our experience is combined with the search for excellence in the raw materials of our country. Our fragrances are produced and processed in Italy. All our fragrances meet IFRA standards, do not contain hazardous substances, GMOs and are not tested on animals. No substances, essential oils or materials from protected species have been used in the product and all procedures relating to customs controls on international trade of specimens of wild fauna and flora species threatened with. All the packaging components come from a wood-paper supply chain certified for its standards which provides for a respectful forest management that respects the environment, is socially useful and economically sustainable. Refill the product to reduce waste and the environmental footprint we all have on the planet.