—Hexagro Clovy, Hexagro’s Innovative IoT Vertical Garden

—Embrace a lifestyle that nurtures your well-being and the planet.

Clovy is the perfect choice for local cultivation, even for those without a green thumb. Grow up to 40 plants in less than 1m², thanks to modular eco-friendly pots made from wood chips and rice husks, ensuring a compact design suitable for any space.
The automated hydroponic irrigation option using recycled coconut substrate and low-pressure aeroponics, soil-free, offers an extraordinary water saving of up to 90%, simplifying cultivation. Hexagro’s digital app guides you, while the IoT system actively monitors irrigation parameters through sensors, providing an unparalleled cultivation experience.
To strengthen a network of urban farmers with a sustainable vision, Hexagro values its community, promoting the sharing of experiences, learning, and mutual support. Committed to sustainability and the circular economy, Hexagro is recognized by reference entities such as CE 100 and Solar Impulse.