Sustainability 360°

—Good&Mojo BUY LIGHT, GIVE LIGHT! Special Mention

At GOOD&MOJO we design quality vegan items while being kind to the earth and supportive of fair labour. All of our products are made from natural, recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo, seagrass, jute and ecological linen. Our Kalimantan lamp is crafted with bamboo. We believe that conscious buying and helping others will be the new standard. The majority of our lamps are produced in small communities in Vietnam, which provides an opportunity for these villages to earn an income and develop economically. It takes about 3-6 hours to weave one lamp using old, traditional techniques into something unique! For every lamp purchased, we donate to the WakaWaka, an organization that donates solar lamps to families who do not have access to electricity and lighting. Since 2016, we have helped over 7.400 families. And on top of that: a tree is planted for each lamp we sell. We have planted over 350.000 trees so far.