Sustainability 360°

—DygoDesign BOLGHERI Special Mention

—Nature evolves: protagonist and inspiration of an innovative design, it dominates the space through new shapes combined with Green technology.

The design of the Bolgheri lamp was inspired by the elegant profile of the iconic Bolgheri cypresses of the Tuscan hinterland. The construction material is derived from corn starch, completely sustainable and worked with zero emissions with 3D printing FDM in full respect of the nature that inspires the product. The composition of the polymer makes the entire structure resistant, ultra-light and fluorescent. Thanks to this last property, the body of the lamp is able to keep both the sunlight and the artificial light absorbed, re-emitting it in the dark in a colorful glow. The duration of the fluorescence varies in relation to the quantity and intensity of the light absorbed. This spontaneous and completely natural energy conservation process represents the DygoDesign’s vision, giving life to an element that reach the perfect equilibrium between technology, nature and design.