—Allegro Natura Bioermi superconcentrati

—powders and solids for bio and zero waste household cleaning. Bye bye plastic, welcome to sustainable home cleaning and laundry hygiene!

An eco-sustainable line of organic and natural detergents with the most innovative formulations, rich in natural and effective active ingredients. Using organic and natural products inside the home is essential to live healthy and protect our health and that of those we love, which is why our line is totally sustainable in full respect of the Earth and people. Our packaging is in glass and paper, two eco-sustainable and recyclable materials! A true eco-sustainable revolution: less plastic and less CO2 in the transport of materials which translates into a lower concrete environmental impact. Eco-friendly detergents for bathroom, kitchen, floors, dishes and laundry: powders and super concentrates to be diluted for a healthy and effective cleaning of the house.