—Mood06 Bianca Miao©: CeraMicino©, LuMicino© e MusiGatto©

—“Dalla terra, per la terra”

Bianca is an Eco-Smiling© product made of ceramic hand created in Italy.
All surface finishing steps, are handcrafted in Italy
The registered design is inspired by the Egyptian cult of the Goddess Bastet, which materializes in this auspicious object for the home, for the protection of the family hearth, children and embodies the seductive power of woman.
The available versions The versions available are the CeraMicino© as a furniture accessory, the LuMicino© as a lamp finely handcrafted by the master ceramist who makes the holes with three different diameters, and the great novelty of the MusiGatto© featured here as a prototype of the first cat-shaped ceramic Bluetooth audio speaker.
Ceramic is a noble material: unlike plastics and resins derived from petrochemicals, it is inert and made from natural elements from the earth as well as made stable and strong by firing in a kiln: a procedure as old as mankind.