Sustainability 360°


—Friendship and sustainability, durability and support for the territory: coherently together for a better present and future

Absoluta Collection produces sustainable wallpapers only with PVCFree and VOCfree media, using solvent-free, odorless and toxic-free (VOC, HAP’s VCL) water-based inks. Breathable and healthy, they are ideal for sensitive spaces, such as hospitals and schools. “Best Mates”, theme for children’s rooms, comes from a watercolor by G. Manna, illustrator known in Sarmede (TV), international capital of children’s illustration with an annual exhibition now in its 40th edition. “Best mates” is much more than just “best friends.” It expresses the sense of friendship that lasts a lifetime. Having shared days playing climbing trees will be an indelible memory and the relationship of those days will remain unchanged even if the people who have grown up lose sight of each other, changing habits, social or economic position. Absoluta Collection, durable relationships, durable products, where the packaging is also PVCfree. Certification include Greenguard Gold, AgBB and EN 71-3:2019 (safety requirements for toys, therefor for products for children.).