Sustainability 360°

—BioBright Believe in Nature and Nature will believe in you with Stheno Special Mention

—Break free from environmental harm. Our algae-based solution offers a clean slate for decarbonization, leaving a positive impact on the planet.

BioBright specializes in providing algae plant solutions that offer an efficient and natural method for absorbing CO2 emissions. In just one hour, 400 grams of our algae plants can absorb 800 grams of CO2, a significantly higher rate compared to an Oak tree, which absorbs only 2,4 grams per hour. This makes our algae plants an effective tool for businesses and governments aiming to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050. We cultivate over 100 algae annually with just 5 liters of water and our solution is also cost-effective. In the event of algae plants expiration, they can be repurposed as natural fertilizer or used in the creation of packaging or new materials. One of our key strengths lies in the rapid multiplication of our algae. In just two months, their population doubles, contributing to their effectiveness as a sustainable CO2 absorption solution. We’re honored as finalists in the Global Climate Innovation Challenge, emphasizing our commitment to both environmental sustainability and inclusivity. Cultivating algae without disrupting biodiversity, and supporting employees with disabilities and adapting work to individual needs, we prioritize diversity and innovation for a better future.