—Cooperativa Amici di Gigi Belforte Fragrances Special Mention

—The Social Cooperative “Amici di Gigi”, a charity organization, in 2012 was in search of a work-activity to involve their young adults with disabilities, and crosses the path of Belforte Fragranze. The Cooperative took over the whole business, the catalog and a portfolio of stories and experiences that lead it in a few years to become a national benchmark in the market of home fragrances of quality.

To date, it boasts more than 120 active referenced clients who sell it throughout the country and several abroad, basing its credibility solely on the quality of the product and on the ever-changing search for new solutions, fragrances and stories. We do not introduce the product for “Who” does it (25 adults with disabilities) but for “What” it is: pursuit of Happiness and Beauty for everyone, in the place where we live, always aiming for the top!