—Zwilling Ballarini Ballarini “Polignano”

—Cooking is an act of love, for you and for the planet.

Ballarini, one of the first environmentally certified companies within our industry, claims its daily committment towards sustainability through the Love for Planet project. We are walking a continuous technological research path towards the reduction of our environmental impact and with the aim to offer to our customers innovative cooking tools that can bring to their daily habits a deeper environmental consciousness. Our new Polignano line is the result of our sustainable choices: made of recycled and recyclable alluminium, all production scraps are collected and sent for recycling. The internal non stick coating is applied using water based products and it is PFOA, NICKEL and HEAVY METAL tested. The RADIANT induction bottom is patented to ensure the maximum thermal efficiency and an excellent stability. The handle includes the Thermopoint: our energy saving detector that helps avoiding thermal shocks. The line ha salso been produced with the use of renewable energies.