—Cereria di Giorgio Aromatherapy

—White scented candle in 100% vegetable wax in transparent glass jar!

The brand new AROMATHERAPY line is our most innovative product among scented candles. Made of 100% scented wax of vegetable origin, the essences are certified and of the highest quality, the container is in totally recyclable glass. The wick is pure lead-free cotton. It does not have a box but is exposed and sold naked, therefore it does not generate disposal of the same package. Quality, even in green terms, derives from careful research that has continued since the beginning of the history of Cereria Di Giorgio. Born with a predominantly ecclesiastical clientele, it produced candles and tealights destined to burn in sacred places where artistic works of immense value are located. The flame could not produce soot or residue harmful to such precious artifacts. Lately, the pursuit of quality is aimed above all at eco-friendly materials and, thanks to a new powerful photovoltaic system, the totally Italian production largely uses sources of energy that are not harmful to the environment.