—Alerasia Alerasia – Essences of Monferrato

—From a bottle, a new emotion for your home

The Alerasia brand draws from the excellence of Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to create products with unique and inimitable characteristics.
The exclusive line of candles and diffusers was born as a circular economy project thanks to the creative recycling of post-consumer designer bottles.
Handcrafted, they give life to the various products, available in different colors, depending on the original material. Once the wax or fragrance runs out, glass containers can even live a third life as glasses, jars or jug for the table.
… and finally they are recyclable in the glass collection, to return to life as new products.
The candles are made of 100% vegetable wax, produced with energy from renewable sources and have an unbleached cotton wick. They use residual pomace from the winemaking process.
Alerasia fragrances are inspired by the world of wine and the lush hills of Monferrato, for a feeling of absolute relaxation and serenity.