Casastile_New Business Media Laura Tarroni


Stories and storytelling have always been my passion: that’s why I have decided to graduate in Modern Literature (at the Catholic University of Milan) writing a thesis about the history of theater.

I’ve been working in radio and I collaborated with L’Avvenire and Il Corriere della Sera, dealing with art, theater, shopping, lifestyle and current events.

In the 90s I started to work in Casastile almost by chance and never left it, growing, changing, evolving together with this magazine.

The newspaper is recognized as the reference point for training and information in the sector and a privileged place for operators to compare, a laboratory for the creation of projects, a communication tool of new product trends.

Today Casastile is a real integrated communication system, declined into the print magazine, an articulated program of events, the casastileweb site and the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.